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Timothy Veale, Principal / Esbjerg International School

The professionalism we experienced from AidUcators is of a global standard.  

This applies not only in terms of communication before, during and after the course but especially in terms of how the courses have been organised and taught.  The instructional strategies used are highly engaging and practical.  The instructors have consistently had a focus on 'learning by doing' whilst ensuring participants have fun at the same time.  The instructors have always had a great sense of humour but, at the same time, always ensure participants are kept accountable to the learning expected of them.  The staff at my school have benefited enormously from the skills and knowledge learned from our instructors, Michal Carlsen and Michael Pedersen.  I am very confident in my staff's ability to react effectively in the event of a situation requiring life saving skills.  I have employed the services of AidUcators twice now and will not hesitate to do so again when the time arrives to re-certify.  

The trainers from AidUcators have my highest recommendation.

Adika Kay, Esbjerg International School
I found the CPR course to be very informational, hands-on, practical, interesting and FUN! I would recommend anyone who would like to attend their courses because it's the best and most interactive session I have ever attended in many of the First aid or CPR courses so far. Kudos to the two guys who ran the course and thank you!"

Terry Pedersen, Year 4 Instructor / Esbjerg International School

CPR Training session

This was an outstanding course offering practical, experiential lessons to learn the requirements for CPR/First Aid assistance.  Michael was clear, concise and challenging as he set up scenarios for us to learn.  After the individual situations, we were "debriefed" about items done correctly and incorrectly.  We then practiced the correct methods to ensure understanding.   Each person went through a personalized experience in problem-solving and excellent guidance was given for Emergency response techniques.  At the end of the CPR drill session I felt tired, but confident, that I had practiced and reviewed the skills frequently enough to respond appropriately in an emergency.  
I highly recommend this course!

Martin Dupont, KørekortXperten

“Why does KørekortXperten use AidUcators for First Aid training when you can take your own instructor training and conduct the courses yourself, which other driving academies do?” Besides it being a great idea to be able to help someone in an emergency, on October 1st, 2006 it became a legal requirement in Denmark for driving academy students to complete a traffic related first aid course before they become eligible to take a driver’s license test. We had and have many options available to send our students to other first aid providers e.g. Red Cross, Falck, ASF – Dansk Folkehjælp. However, we pick AidUcators because the instructors are extremely well versed and experienced in first aid and rescue work. The alternative would be to send our students to attend a course where the instructor “may” have seen a movie with blood and accidents. We are convinced that with the high quality we put in our driver training we should not compromise with the quality expected of our suppliers. We have since selecting AidUcators held courses for more than 400 students and conducted verbal evaluations. When possible, we compare our alternative suppliers and we have had no reason to doubt our selection is correct. All students think the course is very exciting and is conducted in a fun, lively, and authentic fashion, which has resulted in the students suggesting to their friends that they take the first aid course at the driving academy instead of another first aid provider.

"Why choose KØREKORTXPERTEN for your first aid education?"
We are convinced that you should get the most professional instruction, not just an instructor who in best case scenarios has seen a movie where first aid is administered. The best advocate is through personal experience! Due to our own experience with police and paramedics we have chosen to partner with AidUcators. They are all approved first aid instructors who daily work as paramedics and/or have real ambulance experience. These are the guys who arrive first at traffic accidents and take action. This combination of professionalism and theory provides YOU with the best opportunity to get maximum impact of a 7 hour course. Why be “bored” when you can experience these scenarios almost first hand.

Jeanette Littau, Visiting Nurse / Nordfyns kommune

I was the lucky winner of a first aid course for children 0-8 years of age at AidUcators.

Michal Carlsen guided visiting nurses and infant care personel from Nordfyns Kommune (Municipality of Northern Funen) through a very well-prepared 3 hour course. Via his great engagement and insights he guided us through various thought-up scenarios and situations where we acted out the roles and administered first aid. The training felt close to reality as Michal throughout the course shared his own experiences from his many years in the field. We leave the course with sound knowledge about what life saving first aid entails and with concrete skills in how to use it, as the course follows the AidUcators tenet that we must put theory into practice.

We all very highly recommend Michal Carlsen and AidUcators.
Thank you so much for a great course.