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Timothy Veale, Principal / Esbjerg International School
The professionalism we experienced from AidUcators is of a global standard. This applies not only in terms of communication before, during and after the course but especially in terms of how the courses have been organised and taught. The instructional strategies used are highly engaging and practical. The instructors have consistently had a focus on 'learning by doing' whilst ensuring participants have fun at the same time. The instructors have always had a great sense of humour but, at the same time, always ensure participants are kept accountable to the learning expected of them. The staff at my school have benefited enormously from the skills and knowledge learned from our instructors, Michal and Michael. I am very confident in my staff's ability to react effectively in the event of a situation requiring life saving skills. I have employed the services of AidUcators twice now and will not hesitate to do so again when the time arrives to re-certify. The trainers from AidUcators have my highest recommendation.

Students from, DrivingAcademy5700
• Great course • Very practical o Practical, not just theoretic o Learning by doing! • The instructor has great knowledge and competency o Shares stories from his own experiences • Michael, the instructor, fully engages in the subject o Is absolutely keen on teaching us first aid • Good that we are put under pressure • Good with stress to simulate a real situation • Ability to say no/stop • Good and precise at explaining (detailed) • Kudos for the whole arrangement • Good that the key aspects of life saving first aid are pointed out • A fun day :) • It was a great course • Pushing the limits in a great way • Much better than expected • Great teacher • From 1 to 10 – Clearly a 10!! Perhaps even 11!

Students, Esbjerg International School
Great course, great experience - Fun / Funny - Exciting - Intense - Very educational - Special - Fantastic - Fancy - Good activities - Helpful The group activities are very educational and a lot of fun Lots of visual effects Lots of real life scenarios (they felt really serious and real) Lots of practical exercises (rescue position, CPR, etc.) Everyone should really learn how to do First Aid Fantastic scenarios to practice Ratings: - 26 unicorns out of 26 unicorns - 5 stars out of 5 stars